Amazon acquires 2lemetry to build IoT strategy

Amazon is planning to strategically work on Internet of Things phenomenon and in order to accomplish that, it has quietly acquired 2lemerty. Amazon has decided to take a step into Internet of Things. The reason why Amazon wished to do so is because all the industry giants are marching into this phenomenon. Latest Amazon news is that the e-commerce giant has lately acquired 2lemetry. It is a startup that has grabbed enterprise-like focus and platform in order to manage and track IP-enabled machines and other connected devices. As per the Amazon news, the terms of deal had been finalized in this week and had not been disclosed. 2lemetry was founded in 2011 and has raised $9 million. It includes $4 million from investors also including Salesforce Ventures that it rounded this year in January. A short statement by Amazon spokesperson confirmed this acquisition and also notified that it will continue to operate for current customers. “I can confirm that Amazon has acquired 2lemetry and we look forward to continuing to support 2lemetry customers,” These existing customers include Honeywell, the Demeter energy group and First Mille. Though Amazon has not spoken about the acquisition further but we think that it will be turned into AWS where the ecommerce giant has made further moves into enterprise IoT space. In 2013, the company had introduced Kinesis which is a platform to procedure and examines the data streams with high volume with multiple numbers of sources and real time oriented. This is a move which is noticed by some as the first incursion of Amazon in the IoT market. In order to configure this solution for machine-to-machine placements and enhance the functionality, the company has decided to bring the 2lemetry’s team and idea on board. 2lemetry has been producing products in another sector to deploy commercial placements, for instance, retail environments. Here, network of beacons might be utilized by the merchant to alert the shoppers about the offers and other things. It has recently developed the facial recognition feature as well. The company said: “The 2lemetry Facial Recognition technology can trigger environment changes and “real-life” analytics based on the recognized age and gender of individuals.” Physical commerce is also a sector where the e-commerce giant is trying to broaden its expertise and this is where 2lemetry’s technology could be a potential utilization. On a wider level, Amazon has been working in increasing the business in IoT on the consumer aspect. Automation hardware for home such as thermostats and smart locks are being sold by it in its store. Along with the work the company has put in Echo, connected-home hardware, 2lemetry and technology could work its way into the consumer-focused service.