Our Story

Over the last seven years we have witnessed many companies appear on and disappear from the market. That led us to thinking about the secret of continued success and the ability and adaptability to change. Our main goal is to offer new solutions suited to our customers and introduce the technology by speeding up their works.

Today we proudly provide a variety of web based solutions for both small and large company. Our services carry values that generates happiness among our customers.We,Cyan always warmly welcome any discussion for your bussiness need.


We aim to provide fully functional web base technology & mobile applications to make a better world.


During the past years, we have been experienced a lot of challenges and this help us in making the best Digital Marketing & Business Solution Company.

What makes Cyan the best choise for you?

Low Pricing

Yep. We gave the lowest price in the web development service as we can and don't worry that we don't break our quality as it's still remain for all customers no matter big or small.


We pay attention to details that others don’t see, understand and realize that attention to detail is what makes the difference and will give us the ability to provide the anticipated quality.


We know that improving performance is one of the shortest and most assured ways to strengthen the relationship between the client and the company.

Cyan Web Solution is Reputated Company Since 2017 in Myanmar

Mainly Service for Website Development & Software service
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